Here you can create a profile for free. You can present yourself, point out free times, be found and booked. Production companies, agencies, service providers, film and photo makers, models and extras. Filmtimer is the job exchange for everyone.

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Cinema, film, TV, photos, commercials, documentaries, industry or current news reporting:

No matter whether you wish to compile a team, or are looking for a short-notice replacement, or whether you wish to draw attention to yourself - Filmtimer is the right network for you!

  • Production companies or other clients will find the matching employees here with just a few clicks.
  • Agencies can present their members/talents to the entire industry. Of course the booking is made via the agency.
  • Film makers and photography professionals can draw attention to themselves and will find colleagues when needed.
  • Extras and models have the opportunity to present their comp card (sed card) to everyone.
  • Naturally that is all commission-free.
  • Our handy and time-saving user profiles with calendar function are unique. You can optimally present yourself regarding your availability and view your colleague’s free dates.

Filmtimer is the network from the industry for the industry.

We are Filmtimer:

Test now for free and without commitment for 1 year!

Create extensive profiles

All profile types are custom and offer you lots of options to draw attention to yourself.

Closed community

Only registered members can see your address information. You can be contacted by email via the page, yet your email address is never revealed.

Extensive search function

You can optimise your search by place, name, job title, etc. and for companies by genre, keywords, etc.

The virtual calendar

In an online-organised calendar, you can indicate your available dates. The options are ‘available’, ‘not available’ and ‘requested’.

Upload up to 30 photos and videos

You can upload up to 30 media files to thereby present impressions of your work and about yourself.

Up to 5 positions

You can submit up to 5 professions and will be suggested without priority for each of the listed professions.


All information are available in German and English.


You can share the link to your profile and also include a link to your homepage or other presentations on your profile.

Any number of reminder lists

You may set up as many reminder lists as you wish which can include any number of users. You can then contact the persons in your reminder list all at once or individually and also give your list a title.

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