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Filmtimer is the interface between productions, agencies, service providers and film makers and photography professionals.

Anyone from the film and photo industry will likely have experienced these or similar examples.

With Filmtimer, you will quickly find film makers and photography professionals in your area and thanks to the calendar function you will immediately see whether this person is currently available.

That way, you will save not only time, but nerves and money.

Pointedly search for professions and availability

All colleagues have to take on more projects nowadays than was the case just a few years ago.  Coordinating these time-wise often poses a challenge.

Filmtimer simplifies the paths between production companies and film makers, between agencies, extras and models.

Whether for long-term planning or brief work on demand - Filmtimer effectively brings all sides together. The first step is setting up an expressive profile.

Registered users can directly contact or be contacted by other users via Filmtimer. Moreover, they can present their availability via their calendar on their profile.

In addition, registered users can also submit lots of further useful information about them as a person. That way, profile visitors can see all they need to know at a glance.

Who is Filmtimer?

Benjamin Schubert, film sound engineer since 1989 (Aimeé und Jaguar, Bella Block, Erbsen auf halb 6, 7 Zwerge, Tatort, Nachtschicht, Fraktus etc.) 

I thought business was going great.
I had lots of requests and things usually also worked out, to work at proper capacity for a year.

But things have changed.

Production time has continued to shrink.

10 years ago, I still had roughly 150 shooting days for six TV films of each 90 minutes. Today, these are only roughly 125 shooting days.
Projects are postponed or cancelled last minute.
So what can I do?
Who knows
that I am available and would like to work?
Or who do I need to call to offer my services?

What a bad starting position for a negotiation.

Countless talks and consideration later, I decided to build a platform, which makes the communication simpler and more efficient for everyone active in the film and photography sector, in front of and behind the camera.

With the informative profile and the time-saving calendar function, we achieve a combination of qualification and availability - the best result for each case.



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