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That is why you should register as an extra on

As a registered extra, you can set up an extensive profile for free on with lots of different information - and thus be pointedly and quickly found by agencies and production companies:

  • You can set up an extensive profile for free on with lots of different information - and thus be easily and quickly found by agencies, casting and booking companies, assistant directors and lots others.
  • Extras without agencies can be directly contacted and booked via the messaging system on
  • Extras with an agency can select and be booked through up to five agencies of which they are members.

You should ideally create an expressive profile on still today!

You can enter these details for your extra profile:

    • Up to 5 agencies
    • Place of residence
    • Work environment
    • Gender
    • Ethnic appearance
    • Age
    • Height
    • Weight
    • Hair colour
    • Eye colour
    • Beard

    • Clothing size
    • Shoe size
    • Language
    • Dialect
    • Song voice
    • Musical instruments
    • Dances
    • Types of sport
    • Driving licence(s)

We are Filmtimer

Register now and become a Filmtimer, too! offers you these functions

You can choose between the free basic profile and the extended profile. Extended profiles include all functions of the basic profile and expand these by lots of useful features. The more extensive your data is, the more likely you will be found and booked.

Extended Profile

1 year free, then 12 months for 19.90 €

Virtual calendar to indicate available periods (public or private)
Upload of up to 30 media files. Video, photo, audio…

The extended profile also receives all features of the basic profile

Basic profile

Free of charge

Extensive profile information: projects, languages and more
Membership in a CLOSED community
Link to the profile
Filmtimer can be used in German or English
Optional upload of an own photo for the profile

The first year includes all features free of charge and of course without any commitment.

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